"A very rare chance to view this candid, personal footage of Cybill Troy, from a session of serious restraint and anal expansion with one of her hand puppets.

After being firmly gagged to muffle any protests or screams that might slip out, Miss Troy’s hand puppet is placed in painful restriction.

Next the puppet is fitted with harsh steel knee braces, despite his pathetic, ignored, muffled protests. 

His legs are locked into position, the unforgiving bite of metal, forcing his legs to maintain the position chosen by his Mistress. Allowing her unrestricted access.

Once satisfied that her puppets legs are secured to her liking, Miss Troy increases his predicament by attaching heavy chains to the knee braces. These chains are attached to the rack on the bench and allow Mistress to increase or decrease the puppets predicament of enforced exposure with a few cranks of the drive chain.

With heavy leather cuffs on wrists and ankles being secured together, Miss Troys puppet is almost fully prepared to undergo his Mistresses explorations and unmerciful probings.

Finally, a small act of mercy that also further renders the puppet into a state of useless servitude, Miss Troy doses him and then entertains herself with a few quick photos for her album.

Satisfied at the total vulnerability of her puppet, Miss Troy begins her explorations. She does not hold back, she wants full access to the inner depths of this human toy she has spent so long preparing.

Quickly progressing past the wrist, Cybill Troy delves deeply and firmly into her puppets insides. Pumping, pushing and forcing her hand, wrist and forearm to explore where she wishes.

With her puppet quickly reaching the realms of utter surrender, both physically and mentally, Miss Troy subdues him further with some final doses. 

The puppet must pay for this undeserved act of mercy and payment is taken by being lifted bodily off the bench, fully impaled onto the arm of his Mistress. After all, if he is to truly be the hand puppet of Cybill Troy, he should be prepared to be waved around like one, if his Mistress so desires."

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Extreme Rubber Nun Duble Fisting

​Exclusive Videos

Elbow-Deep Rubber Fisting

Duration: 17:00

Price: $24.99

Resolution: 540p

Format: ​mp4

Duration: 9:35

Price: $19.99

Resolution: 540p

Format: ​mp4

Elbow Deep Rubber Fisting

"Mistress Cybill Troy has noticed that one of her visiting anal slaves, has displayed at times a holier than thou attitude.

As the little worm denies any such crime when questioned by his Mistress, she decides there is only one recourse.

Resplendent as a fully enclosed latex nun, Cybill Troy becomes Sister Troy and she knows a sure fire method to cure this slave of any hint of his holier than thou attitude. 

While purging him through sin, she can also have a search for his soul via the only logical route, his asshole. Perhaps along the way the slave will find religion, he’ll certainly realise that if he’s beholden to any supreme being, he’s guilty of worshipping false idols. The only place he should be worshipping is at the feet of his Mistress.

Starting out with a good thorough check of the slaves mouth, Sister Troy moves on to allow him an oh so fleeting chance to worship her delectable latex clad rear.

Then its onto all fours with him, for some painful birch caning of the vulnerable area she has her mind set on targeting. An inflatable dick is introduced into his hole and inflated to such a degree that he risks retaining it permanently.

Lucky for him he escapes this fate, only to meet a much more extreme one. The fists and arms of Sister Troy.

Starting off most charitably with a single fist, Sister Troy soon works her way elbow deep into the depths of the slave, pumping, searching, probing. Alas, still no sign of his soul, or his finding religious salvation. So, deeper and deeper she must go. 

Ultimately both of her fists are crammed into this wretches ass hole, lubricated in her precious spit. As both of Sister Troys, fists, then arms become acquainted with the slaves innermost sanctum it sounds as if he might be speaking in tongues.

It becomes apparent, that this slave has no soul to find, religion also eludes him. 

He has though, judging from his screams, found the one thing that matters.. …….his one true Goddess. He’ll be sure to know where to worship and beg forgiveness from now on.

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