Equipment on Hand...

Cybill Troy

Years of experience: 10

Expertise: Whatever she feels like...

Mistress Samara
Years of experience: 2

Expertise: Pushing your limits

Our Head Mistress Cybill Troy has spent a over a decade amassing an impressive collection of kinky toys! 
Specialty equipment on hand includes (but not limited to):

BONDAGE: Leather & Rubber restraints, chain, mitts, collars, Suspension harnesses, suspension boots, suspension boards, harnesses, binders, hoods, muzzles, gasmasks, belts, rubber/nylon/etc bodybags, suits, straightjackets of all kinds; steel irons, cuffs, yokes and bars; Nose/Anal/Mouth Hooks, Gags (Ball/Bit/Spreader/Inflatable/etc) fully stocked with rope, shrink wrap/rubber bandages of all kinds; and much more!

TORTURE: Full Assortment of TENS/Erostek Electrical Units & attatchments, Humblers, Ball Presses/Crushers of All Kinds, Thai Claws, Clamps/Clips/Presses/Vices of all kinds, Endless Assortment of CBT devices/straps/harnesses/seperaters/ parachutes/stretchers/Kalis Teeth, etc (with and without spikes in Leather/Rubber/Steel), Vampire Gloves, CBT Boards, Zappers/Violet Wands, Steel/Silicone Chastity devices of all kinds, Mechanical Fucking Machine, and far too many others to even attempt to list!  

MEDICAL: Piercing Needles, Silk Sutures, Medical Staples, Scalpels, Enemas, Catheters, Rosebud/Dittle/Hagar/Vibrating/Electrical/Bulbed Urethral Sounds/Plugs, Forceps, Hemostats, Wartenberg Wheels (1/5/7), Full e-Stim Assortment, Pumps, and Much MUCH more!

IMPLEMENTS: Single Tails/Bullwhips (3-12ft), Crops, Floggers of all kinds, Cats, Canes of All Lengths and Thicknesses (Bamboo/Steel/Rubber/Teflon), Paddles/Slappers of All Kinds, Sjamboks, and too many more to list, some only ever seen in your nightmares!

EVERYTHING ELSE: Pretty much everything else you can ever think of...

Our Dungeon...

Mistress Midnight
Years of experience: 5

Expertise: Being too much Woman for you to handle


Goddess Pepper
Years of experience: 4

Expertise: Overpowering You Physically, Mentally, and Emotionally

Domina Thorn Kelly
Years of experience: 3

Expertise: Complete Seduction & Destruction of the Male Ego

Mistress Clara

Years of experience: 1

Expertise: Emasculation to the highest degree

Mistress Scarlet

Years of experience: 2

Expertise: Dat ass tho...