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Our Head Mistress Cybill Troy is a skilled Dominant Fetishist & Sadist with an endless passion for all things kinky. A lifelong Female Supremacist, her effortless Dominance and seductive smile bring Both novices and experienced players to Their knees with ease.The pure joy she feels as you suffer in her honor is enough to push any limits.

​​While Cybill Troy maintains complete control over her scenes and prefers an organic chemistry, and a seamless combination of play, to checklists, here is a rough out line of some of Her interests:

Advanced Genitorture / CBT

Advanced Nipple Tortures

Bondage (Rope, Predicament, Equipment Suspension, Full Mummification, Rubber Encasement, Rubber/Leather Bondage, Steel Bondage, etc)

Corporal Punishment (Single Tails, Bullwhips, Dovetails, Canes, Crops, Floggers, Cats, etc.)

Medical / Edgeplay (Electro-Torture (via Erostek TENS units), Sounds of all types, Catheters, Enemas, Piercings (play and permanent), Staples, Sutures, Saline Inflation, Injections, Branding, Cutting, Tattooing (with advance notice),  etc.)

Asphyxiophilia (Smothering, Strangulation, Forced Inhalation, Breath Control, etc) 

Slave Training & Behavioral Modification

Boot Domination / Boot Slave Training
Rubber/Leather Domination - Rubber/Leather Slave Training

Heavy Smoking Fetishes (Human Ashtray Training, Forced Inhalation, Cigarette Torture/Burning, Voyeurism, etc) 

Worship & Adoration (Feet, Legs, Armpits, Hands, Stockings, Pantyhose, Leather, Rubber, Fur, Boots, Shoes, etc)

Humiliation (Physical, Verbal, Situational, Dehumanization, Objectification, Spitting, Slapping, etc)

Select Strict Role Plays (Military, Religious, etc)

Forced Sissification / Feminization / Emasculation / Painal

Forced Dehumanization

Cuckolding Fantasies / Voyeuristic Sexual Humiliation  

Cybill also enjoys teaching grown men how to dress themselves. Dominatrix personal shopper to your frumpy rescue!

​ ...and much, much more

NOTE: Mistress Cybill Troy welcomes slaves, submissives, service masochists, fellow fetishists, and respectful beta-males of all types. Ms. Troy does not tolerate disrespect of any kind.

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